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No Longer Human
Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.
— Unknown (via floralgreen)
Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
— Wu Tang (via lickili)
Don’t believe in everything a man says.
— Oh Soo, That Winter, The Wind Blows (via itisnostalgic)
I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life.
— Voltaire
“I think perfection is ugly. I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.”
— Yohji Yamamoto
Whenever I say “I’m okay”, I wish somebody would hug me and say, “I know you’re not.”
There’re some people who, no matter how hard you look, you’ll just never like them.
I wish I could throw off the thoughts which poison my happiness. And yet I take a kind of pleasure in indulging them.
— Frédéric Chopin (via seabois)
Loneliness does not come from having no people around one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.
— Carl Jung (via ohmyghellaioranges)
I’m going to tell you what a demon once told me: It is okay to want your own happiness. It’s okay to care about yourself the most. It’s okay to do what’s healthy for YOU. When someone hits you, it’s okay to hit back and then ask them what the hell they expected. It’s okay. You are not obligated to sit there and smile and swallow every bit of shit everyone heaps on you. You are more than furniture, you’re more than window dressing, you’re not their shiny toy. You’re human, and you have the right to say “That was shitty of you”. You have a right to say “Let me feed that back to you; tell me, how does it taste?” You have a right to protest your own mistreatment and set boundaries for respectful interactions. The rest of the world doesn’t realize you have this right, and they will act offended and appalled when you exercise it, but it is yours.
— SonneillonV (via albinwonderland)
The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides and its depths; it has its pearls too.
— Vincent Van Gogh (via hasser)
You’ve a place in my heart no one else ever could have.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald. (via meltycum)
When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own.

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Haruki Murakami

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